Benjamin de Boer


Benjamin de Boer (b. 1995, Attiwandaronk, ON) is a writer, researcher, and bookseller living in Tkaronto. They received their Honours BA in Philosophy and Archaeology from the University of Toronto in 2018. Benjamin can be found studying the melancholy poetics of our earthly lyric and exploring their openness to instinct and  improvisation within a practice of communal dreaming and enunciation. At home in collaborative positions, Benjamin currently co-directs Hearth, an arts space founded alongside Rowan Lynch, Sameen Mahboubi, and Philip Leonard Ocampo. 


Selected Publications


2020 “Hear Like Rust” in Cool Customer Vol. 3
         “BEE DANCE BARN STAR” in The Tulip 

         “A Summerful of Secrets” in Erotic Awakenings 

         “Dream Journal” for Neptune Archive Covid Dream Journal

         “For Sara, Ron, Sami, & Shevon” for Hop the Twig, Hearth

         “Residue’s Digest” in In Praise of Green journal by Alexus Projects

2019 “Solstice Typo Catalogue” for Gifts by Artists, Art Metropole

         “Statement Piece” for New Strata exhibition catalogue, Hearth

         “Three Days” in Long Con Magazine Issue 1

         “While Yeast Sings I’m Worried Yard Groans” for Xuan Ye, Xpace Cultural Centre

         “Green Pitch” for Watersnake by Sara Maston curated by Katie Lyle

         “Sender Interrupted” in Insahyt Catalogue Vol 3

         “Vacant Stemming After” in Insahyt Catalogue Vol 2

         “Banderole Communicates Contaminating” for Sound Diaries at TSV

         “Dusk Intervals” in Mourning Anthology published by Art Metropole

2018 “Vii” for Go Out Further and You’ll Strike a Stream at Anda House, 611 Castlefield 

         “Early Summer” in Cool customer Vol. 1 

         “New Poems” in Penetang Review
         “Four Punchcards” in Tie it Off and Count Again at HAVN
         “Brief on Psychogeography” in The Newspaper, University of Toronto 

2017 “Resurrection Spell” in Fragments of Mourning, 2/Editions Toronto Art Book Fair

         “5:22 pm Saturday 9 September 2017” for Shapeshifter at White House Studio

         “Holy Fuck, album review” in The Newspaper, University of Toronto 

         “A Journey” in Shift 6, Undergrad Journal of Architecture, University of Toronto

         “Drawings” in Howl Magazine, University of Toronto 

         “Meditations in Concrete” with Phat Le in Trinity Art Show, University of Toronto

         “Queasy Rapture” in The Newspaper, University of Toronto 

2016 “Twins” in The Newspaper, University of Toronto
         “Notes on Praxis” in Trinity Art Show, University of Toronto  



Editorial Positions

2020 “Silverfish Vol. 1” with Dallas Fellini, Greta Hamilton, and Sameen Mahboubi 

         “Erotic Awakenings” with Fan Wu, for Hearth

2019 “Sucking Through the Ages” with Fan Wu, Francisco-Fernando Granados 


Solo Exhibitions 

2020 (upcoming) “The Bentway as Hostile Architecture” with Phat Le for The Bentway

         “Meditations in Concrete II” with Phat Le at Grab a Slice Gallery

2018 “A Good Friend is a Found Treasure” at Sea Foam, 20 Seaforth


Select Group Exhibitions 

2020 “A Hostility Index” with Sophia Oppel in View Recent Changes, for Vector Festival               

         “In Praise of Green” by Alexus Projects, Toronto, Canada

2019 “Insahyt Vol 1-3” at Black Cat Showroom Toronto, Canada

         “Best Behaviour” curated by Philip Ocampo for Bump TV

2018 “Symbolon” in Gifts by Artists at Art Metropole

         “9x” at 156 Studio Projects 

         “Go Out Further and You’ll Strike a Stream” in Anda House at 611 Castlefield 

         “Dowsing Rods” in An Observable Collapse Towards Another at Xpace 

2017 “Meditations in Concrete” in Trinity Art Show at the University of Toronto 

         “Notes” in Photobook Thesis Presentation for Mass Exodus 

         “Untitled (Sender and Receiver)” in Trinity Art Show at the University of Toronto


Curatorial Projects

2020 “stem to where we grew stuck” with Sameen Mahboubi, feat. Xuan Ye, Marvin Luvualu António, Paula McLean, Nathan Ivanco at Hearth

         “Hop the Twig” feat. Ron Siu, Sara Maston, Sami Alwani and Shevon Lewis at Hearth

         “Everything Came Back To Me” with Alexus Projects, in a field 

2019 “New Strata” alongside Philip Ocampo, Rowan Lynch and Sameen Mahbouni at Hearth



2020 TETC residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point

2018 Anda Residency 1 at 611 Castlefield, Toronto, Canada

         156 Studio Projects, audio technician, 156 Augusta, Toronto, Canada



Selected Performance 


2019 “Dowsing Shift” for Peter’s Proscenium at Koffler Centre of the Arts



Panels and Workshops 


2020 “Hostile Architecture Panel” with Phat Le, Cara Chellew  at Grab-a-Slice Gallery


2019 Sound Diaries at Trinity Square Video


2018 Zine Making Workshop hosted by The UC Review and The Gargoyle 


2017 “How Shall We Mourn Them” in 2/Editions Toronto Art Book Fair

         “Butt Plug Party” with Phat Le at UofT Daniels Architecture Studio





2020 “Concrete Solutions” interview with Phat Le and Cason Sharpe for Public Parking

         “The best art shows to see in Toronto this fall” in Now Magazine 

         “Art for Strange Times” in Canadian Art 


2019 “HEARTH opens with New Strata” in artoronto 


2017 “A Labour of Love” interview with Benjamin de Boer and Phat Le




2018 University of Toronto, Honours Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Archaeology


Awards and Prizes

2015 - 2017 Academic Excellence Scholarship, University of Toronto

Dean’s Scholarship, University College


2013 Euinice K. Buck Memorial Award